Reconstituting Human Cancer Gene Mutations in Mice Through Genetic Engineering to Accurately Model Cancer

A major drive of the lab is to model primary brain cancer (low and high grade gliomas) in genetically engineered mouse models to study the molecular and microenvironmental processes driving the initiation and maintenance of these cancers.

We are particularly interested in elucidating the elements that dictate how a normal cell responds to specific oncogenic mutations at the molecular level and how the resulting cancer cell wiring can be exploited for therapeutic intervention.

Identifying Novel Cancer Targets, Eploiting Signaling Vulnerabilities and Developping Pre- and Co-Clinical Trial Programs

Using orthogonal approaches, we strive to decipher the complexities of signal transduction pathways in cancer and to reveal molecular vulnerabilities.

Integrating Glioma Cancer Mutations With Tumor Immunology

We are determining the immunological landscape of high grade glioma (Glioblastoma Multiforme) in genetically-defined mouse models and from clinical sources.